Christmas with EHG Home

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In keeping with our laid back luxury approach and to help you counteract the chaos of getting ready for Christmas, we have shared our top 12 Christmas styling tips with you.

To Tree or not to Tree

At EHG Home we are constantly thinking about new ways to style a room or occasion. For Christmas this year, we approached the Christmas Tree in a new way. Using A Modern Grand Tour’s Ostrich Feather lamp, we styled it with beautiful birch stars and glitter birds to create a stunning Christmas Tree.


Whether on your dinner table or mantlepiece, we love the fresh scent and varying shades of silvery green that fit so well into existing colour palettes. It is a subtle and understated leaf but could just as easily be styled more festively with metals and traditional Christmas elements, making it a great backdrop for your Christmas this year.

 Gold or silver or both?

Love them or hate them, using both silver and gold together offers a great, stylish solution for Christmas decor. Using subtle tones of each of these metals mixed together you can create a modern, warm and glamorous Christmas look.

Perhaps blue is the new red…..?

Traditional red and green don't need to be your Christmas colours this year, we love blue and think its works beautifully with both gold and silver and works well with your decor items such as fairy lights and candles. It may be a bold decision but gives us a snowy feeling of a really wintery Christmas.  


Finding new uses for decor items

As you can imagine, we have curated loads of accessories which have been used on our styling projects throughout the year. So we often like to think of new ways in which to use them. Kate’s love of all things ocean, meant that we used this floating wave coral bowl from the John Richard Collection and filled it with baubles. You could do the same with a giant clam and fill it with gifts under the tree.....


Lighting is always important and no more so than at Christmas when it's dark outside and you want to create a cosy and warm vibe inside. A mixture of high and low lighting create this vibe, we love the silver leaf lamps Heathfield and Co.

However, our little secret is these globe lights, which are the key to making it feel really Christmassy and create a great way of lighting up your decor accessories and styling skills. We love our globe lights shown here from Restoration Hardware!

Rustic feeling

Our projects always have rustic natural elements included. It’s what finishes off our ‘laid back luxury’ approach and Christmas styling is no different. Natural elements such as cork bark, eucalyptus and orchids create a warm and inviting atmosphere and perfectly complement the general glamour of Christmas.


Strong geometric shapes and patterns

Part of our trademark look is bold patterns and shapes to add character and personality, we found a couple of ways to add our signature style to our Christmas shoot with the Jonathan Adler geometric cushion and the bold striped throws.

Bringing in lots of textures

Our main focus here was to layer textures more than we would usually do. Stars are the charm of Christmas, so incorporating velvet fabrics, mirrored details, feathers and glitter. Birch stars from Cox and Cox along with a star fish sculpture adds a quirky dimension.

Table setting

Creating an interesting tablescape for your guests is so important at Christmas. Here we’ve used porcelain plates from Bonadea which have been hand-painted grey with a bright gold trim which adds subtle contemporary elegance. Glassware and cutlery India jane set against the rustic table scene makes for a visual experience for your guests.


 Have fun with your styling

It wouldn't be Christmas without candles, stars, glitter, sparkle jam jar lights on a beautifully festive mantlepiece and mix it up with elements of your personal style. The traditional elements you choose will still make sure it feel like Christmas but be fun  with the rest like these kitsch glitter love birds.

Always add candles at Christmas

There are lots of ways to use candles at Christmas. Firstly, you can use gorgeously scented candles to make your home smell really beautiful and Christmassy. Secondly, candles add the greatest lighting that make your home festive. Check out Feu De Beaumont.

The bold wrought iron candle sticks, add a raw and rustic element to the dining table and creates drama.


Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas!

At the end of the day, Christmas is about having fun with your loved ones, so use this time to experiment with your styling, push the boundaries and explore your own styling ability more.

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Jack Simpson