The Importance Of Details, By Kate Haynes.

The devil is in the detail, so they say. And I have to say - I agree.

When we talk about attention to detail in any type of industry, this refers to the art of paying particular attention to the smaller details of a project.


By taking the care to ensure an entire project is carried out successfully, with the dedication to maximise the potential of even the smallest features, a project will have a more professional and polished finish. Smaller features in isolation might not make the most impact, but when all of those wonderful little touches come together, they make the overall effect stand out.

When approaching a creative project, I am certainly not suggesting this diminishes the need for a bigger picture view - just don’t rush to the more exciting aspects before taking an overall assessment. At the same time, pay attention to the smaller details!

My love of all things home and creative comes from a background in property management, interiors, photography, and art & design, so seeing the importance of detail is something that has always been present in my professional journey.

Detail is key when I approach a Home Staging & Interior Styling project for EHG Home. When starting with a room or a space (whether furnished or not) I almost work backwards, starting with the details, what accessories i will use, the texture and pattern of the soft furnishings etc this will then lead me to the furniture selection, layout and overall colour scheme. We don’t have the luxury of months to plan the actual furniture selection as we have to deliver within a few weeks so beholden to what stock we have available so it is the carefully considered details are what sets one room apart from the next when coming to marketing the property.

I have often likened styling a space to painting a picture, it is taking the time to consider how everything blends and works together, i love taking photos, composition is so important and makes the photo a success, same with a room, you can then have a bit of fun and experimenting with a little creative flair!

My top tip is to pay close attention to the curation of your decorative accents and items!

“Accents” are a fantastic interior styling trick that add a level of detail and depth, and can be applied to any styling whether at home or for creative projects, for example dressing a set for a fashion shoot or TV commercial.

When focusing on the foundation of each room or area, once you are happy with the quality of those details, you can use your accents to create a complex style and colour palette. As well as the bigger pieces of furniture, the smaller decorative details can really change and make an impact on how a home or space feels, and the atmosphere and personality you create.

I particularly like working with fresh or faux Flowers, ideally fresh but for staging projects I tend to use faux flowers, as they last longer. The right flowers can add a pop of colour to a neutral space, and tie into an overall theme. There is also something soothing and wonderful about having a “natural” accent in a space, I love working with natural textures and accessories because of this, they are also good for the spirit!

Pops of colour can also be achieved easily with cushions and throws and work well to offer a cosy and happy vibe. My Top tip is always buy a larger insert than the cover so your cushions end up nice and plump! I also use cushions, throws and rugs for their texture and pattern which are a subtle detail, but when combined enhance the whole room.

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 15.24.32.jpg

Scent is something I think is hugely important and often overlooked when staging a home. Walking into a room that smells good is a great way to brighten a mood especially those of potential home buyers! Some of my favourite brands are Jo Malone, Diptyque and Seven Seventeen. Another top tip is using room diffusers, which we do for our styling projects as we can't leave a candle burning.

Artwork and prints are another useful detail to consider, and a way of adding depth and emotion to a room or space. A blank wall with a sofa against it suddenly comes to life and becomes it’s own zone with a strategically placed piece of wall art.

Aspire WBR-28 Althea Street-16a.jpg
IMG_7505 copy.jpg

Interiors as with fashion can sometimes involve predictable combinations and be a little same-y, so we like to add in some individual style and personality with unusual accessories. I like to create a focal point or something to remember the property by and to bring a smile - like the crocodile below!

Coffeetablestyling copy 3.jpg

I like to think of the details of a room in the same way that fashion stylist uses accessories to lift an outfit into something out of the pages of Vogue! i can’t say i have the best fashion sense, but i recognise the importance of details and accessorising to add that bit of va-va room and elevate a home to stand out from the crowd!

Chloe Staples