Rent don’t buy

Sustainability has become somewhat of a buzzword over the past couple of years, applicable to everything from fashion to home interiors.

When it comes to home interiors, sustainability generally denotes eco-friendly decoration, with a focus on less waste, and using materials that focus on a reduced environmental impact.

So as I see it, conscious living!

Care for the environment is hugely important to me, being a stylist as well as a home stager I always try to consider this, and make conscious choices when approaching our projects and my own home.

So today I would like to talk a bit about sustainability, re-purposing and becoming more eco-friendly at home.

Let’s explore how much we really need new things in our homes, what options are available to us that help cut down (or out) the need for constant purchasing, and how to make more conscious choices!

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Let’s face it, everyone likes new things to lift their home! A new cushion, a new vase, new prints etc, and at the same time, we then feel to need to get rid of other things, so this can then lead to an ever changing flow of incoming and outgoing items. Definitely not so great for the environment! Is it not Time to Try out (or embrace) a low waste lifestylE?

What if you could rent that vase, cushion or piece of artwork? A seasonal home decor rental company, sound good? Perhaps you didn’t realise until today that you can? When one thinks of renting items for the home it generally leads one to think of the bigger pieces such as beds and sofa’s.


I recognised some time ago, that it is incredibly easy to be wasteful in small homes with home decor! Just like within the fashion industry, there are swiftly changing interior trends and seasons so it can be hard to keep up.

We are prompted to buy more and more than ever before, and so the world has become full of cheaper, more disposable items. This all becomes so wasteful and bad for the environment. Yes, we have had some greener initiatives such as up-cycling, which is a trend that has continued to grow over the past few years, which I really enjoy but up-cycling involves a lot of work and commitment, and can be costly.

Wouldn’t it be nicer and SO much easier to rent quality, beautiful pieces for the home for a short or medium time, and at a reasonable price? Wouldn’t this allow you to try and test new trends and influences at home without the hefty price tag or being so wasteful? Is seems such a simple concept doesn’t it!

Voila! Let me present EHP Prop, our sister company, which is the perfect back-stop for anyone looking to refresh or upgrade their home, or a holiday rental. EHG Prop makes all of that possible and makes beautiful pieces available to anyone and everyone looking for items to rent on a short to medium term basis.

I just love that EHG has opened up this opportunity to you all! It is something I am so proud of and incredibly passionate about. I am sharing just a small glimpse of what we have available in this blog, to get a real sense of what we have available, go onto our website and have a good look through!

So, recycling and renting products is one way we can all easily become kinder at home. In terms of bringing more natural, sustainable and eco-friendly items into the home, as I am sure you all know, my focus is always on natural products. I am always looking out for ways to incorporate my love of nature!

Along with being better for the environment, natural materials add wonderful texture and contrast to home interiors… Forget chairs and tables made from plastic moulding! To make your home’s interior more eco-friendly, you should aim for furniture made from natural woods and other materials where possible, and other organic or sustainable materials.  Bamboo is another suitable option and so very on-trend! Read our Au Naturale Blog for more inspiration!

The list of household items that ought to be crafted from natural materials goes beyond furniture. Fashioning pillows, mattresses, upholstery and bedding from wool-stuffed materials, for example, cuts down on the production of synthetic materials that ultimately end up languishing in landfills. It also means upholstery isn’t made from petroleum-based materials and soaked in VOC-laced flame retardants, which can lead to serious health problems like infertility or IQ and developmental impairments in children.

Cue two amazing companies which boast beautiful, natural, eco-friendly pieces…

firstly, big blue company. At the heart of Big Blue’s philosophy is nature - they, like myself, are inspired by the natural organic qualities of the treasures of the sea which we need to sustain. They produce 100% 'ingenuine' resin stone giant clams, corals and shells replicating their real counterparts.

Secondly…..Weaver Green who make beautiful rugs and textiles from recycled plastic bottles!

Photo cRedit: Weaver Green

Photo cRedit: Weaver Green

Wool is also a fantastic natural material. It’s hypoallergenic, biodegradable, recyclable, odour and dust-mite-resistant, moisture-absorbent and anti-bacterial. I bet you didn’t know that did you!! It’s also considered the most fire resistant textile fibre.

Carpets and rugs where possible should be created from natural fibres (e.g wool, cotton and jute) rather than VOC-filled synthetics, which are the norm.

All of these items we have available for rent at EHG Prop - we have such a wealth of furniture, rugs, artwork and decorative pieces available, all at a cost-effective price point.

If you care about sustainability and helping the environment, it is an easy way to make a small difference, so give it a try - after all, why buy when you can rent?!

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Kate x

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