Home Concierge? We’ve got it covered!

At EHG – we are not just experts in Home Staging & Styling.

We offer a comprehensive Home Concierge service that covers everything from general home maintenance to prep and repair your property for the market, de-cluttering for homes that need that little bit of editing, to a full relocation service, where we turn your temporary house into a home away from home.

We LOVE all things HOME…staging and styling is but the tip of our iceberg!

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Home Maintenance:

When it comes to selling or renting your home or a commercial property, especially in today’s market, you want it to look at it’s very best. Highlighting its strengths, downplay it’s weaknesses, ensuring it appeals to the greatest pool of potential buyers or letters.

Whether this is repairing everyday wear and tear, re-painting and re-pointing, garden clear outs and conditioning, or changing light bulbs, EHG Home is a professional and efficient one-stop shop for all your home needs. We also act as the single point of contact for lettings agents offering support and access to our in-house maintenance team.



If you are bringing your home to market, a potential buyer needs to envision themselves in your space.

De-personalising and de-cluttering to ensure your home is market ready, is key to helping buyers see this, and achieving a quicker sale.

Our stylist team will take an objective look at any clutter, and work with you to either skip, store or keep. This will allow your home to regain its space and allow potential buyers to see themselves there much more easily, and quickly. We see huge success with this process, it is a simple but a very effective marketing tool!!

Our de-cluttering services are not just for those selling a property - we can help anyone who is in need of a home “edit”. In today’s time-pressed culture, we are often so busy that our own homes can easily become a little neglected!

Our team and their keen eye will assess a space and look at how best and quickly to re-shape it, whether is it simply moving things around, up-cycling pieces, useful storage solutions, re-painting, and of course, de-cluttering, we can have your home looking less cluttered and refreshed in no time!


We turn houses into homes. We offer relocation services that can set up your home worry free. We work with relocation companies, corporate businesses and private individuals who are organising their own relocation, anyone that needs help with a home furniture rental requirement.

Relocation clients all want to feel settled at home with beautiful furnishings and practical accessories to create a home away from home experience without all of the hassle. Over to us!

Our expert home stylists will work closely with you to understand your needs and create a completely bespoke furniture rental bundle for you and ensure no detail is left out. Beds are all made, towels laid out, pots, pans and cutlery put away, giving your new rented accommodation a cosy “home away from home” feeling.

Our furniture bundles can be rented from one month up to three years and we can furnish an entire home at fairly short notice, whether you are on a short term relocation or need the furniture as a stop gap before your own furniture arrives in the UK, we can help, we’ve got it covered and will work around you.


If you require home concierge services, no matter how big or small the works required, get in touch with our team of experts:

+44 (0) 208 741 4545

Chloe Staples