Inspired By.... Travel

The world is an inspiring place, whether it is incredible architecture in Europe, a sun-kissed beach in the Caribbean or your own staycation in the UK.

I am always on the look-out for new styles, fabrics and textures to incorporate into my home staging and styling projects, and my travels are a huge source of inspiration!

How often do you find yourself on holiday taking notes on the decor of your hotel, a restaurant, or the colours and textures of the nature and properties around you?

As well as interiors, I am hugely passionate about photography… Yes, I am very snap-happy as they say!

By sharing some of my personal holiday photos and how my travels have inspired me and are incorporated into my work and home, I hope to encourage you to be inspired by your travels… and how to bring that inspiration home.

Working travel inspiration into your home styling need not be tricky, or complicated. I love bringing in subtle accents and details, perfectly placed to complete a space and create the laid-back luxury look we strive for at EHG Home.


Last year my family and i were swimming in the sea in Barbados when a beautiful turtle popped up next to us! I decided i just had to include him in our home staging projects. so, I sourced a beautiful wooden carved turtle which helped achieve a contemporary yet natural inspired look in a living area, and on other projects I used turtle prints to frame a bedroom space.

These are just two simple ways to turn what you see on holiday into a stylish edge around the home.

Theres far more sea-inspired interior ideas as, as the saying goes, Life's a beach! If you are holidaying abroad, you may well be heading to a coastal region.

Sea Urchins

I just love a sea urchin, these pastel colours and the intricate textures are glorious, and nothing beats nature. Nature is always my go-to inspiration and great for styling interiors.

A tasteful way to introduce a bit of shells-and-seaweed spirit is to use Abigail Ahern’s principle of “decorative clustering”. Displays on walls and surfaces make your home seem more lived-in and loved; anything that tells a story will also engage people.



Shells are a simple way of bringing that holiday vibe home, I love stacking these in glass jars to dot around the house. They work well in bathrooms but also any bright, airy space - adding a touch of seaside chic. Make sure to Try Big Blue Company for their eco-friendly faux shells. I am extremely conscious about protecting the earth and always look for sustainable pieces when it comes my home staging projects with EHG Home and interior styling projects with EHG Prop.

The Ocean

Along with sun-drenched beaches, I absolutely love the rustic charm the South West Coast of the UK, particularly Cornwall for it’s rugged coves and clear blue waters. the colours of the water have been incorporated into many styling projects in the past, as you can see in the photos above. Blue almost always makes an appearance in the properties i style, whether it be in a small blue ornate accessory or a large seascape painting, and i think that it is a subconscious response to mine and my family’s love for the ocean.

I also adore The Hamptons in the U.S and have taken much inspiration for my work from there. It is rustic chic and easy to achieve yourself at home. but, If you haven’t got time to get down to Cornwall (or the hamptons!) for the weekend then bring the coast to you!

Coastal elements fit perfectly into EHG Home’s signature Laid-Back Luxury Style. Try adding texture using simple woven rugs in taupe, wicker baskets, or place bowls of dainty shells or a sea inspired ornament on a sideboard.

Palm Trees

These days we spend so much timing looking down, that we forget to look up! look up and you’ll find inspiration in the shapes of the clouds in the sky, on the stonework of the architecture and, of course, in the trees.

Palm trees are fab! The leaves vary hugely in size, shape and texture; i think they are a such work of art and I love capturing them in photos.

I also love using them when styling; a few stems in a clear vase for a simple finishing touch in a hallway or in a bedroom. We often frame palm tree prints or photography and hang them on the wall to bring a pop of colour and a striking feature to your room.

The leaves and trunks are also used in weaving and are used to make furniture. Recently printed palm leaf fabric designs have been very popular and we have loved using these on our styling projects.

Look out for palm printed cushion covers! Tropical prints are always on trend and add a fab pop of style.

I have worked my love of palm trees into our Home Staging projects by using prints to help frame a space…it is simple but so effective, so whatever you see along your travels, think about converting it into wall art.

I hope this has helped open your eyes ahead of your summer travels! Inspiration will be all around you. Take a moment to take it all in and see what you can create and style at home… and dont forget to look up!


Kate x

Chloe Staples