Laid Back Luxury

EHG never fail to deliver - they are our go to staging team, super talented with a collaborative approach. Commercially minded and creative in equal measure - a great fit for developers
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Home staging 

In today’s tough property market EHG Home help you maximise your chances of selling your property in a short time at the right price by staging your property to attract the right potential buyer.

EHG Home are a boutique styling agency based in West London and work throughout London and the home counties. We are well known within the industry for our ‘laid back luxury’ approach and amazing collection of internationally sourced furniture and accessories. Because of our unique in-house collection we have something different to offer to the generic "show home" look.

In an empty property our team will carefully curate a selection of furniture and furnishings to flatter and maximise the space. Buyers can often struggle to visualise themselves living in a space and staging helps to show them the lifestyle it has to offer.

If you are living in your property while it is on the market, our expert stylists can re-position/swap in furniture, de-clutter and de personalise. We can look after your possessions whilst your home is on the market, removing personal possessions is important so that potential buyers can imagine themselves living in your place; not how you live in it!

Photography is hugely important and Kate's background in photography enables her to compose a room, KNOWS what materials catch the light and how to use natural light which all benefits how a room is presented.

we CAN ensure a stylist is on site with the photographer so we can tweak the styling IF REQUIRED


We can fully stage and style your home at an agreed monthly cost to be paid when you have sold, THERE IS A SMALL PREMIUM FOR THIS SERVICE. we just ask for the initial 4-week rental, plus installation

Please do call to discuss further 0208 741 4545



Buyers have busy lives or are living hundreds of miles away so our job is to make it easy for them to buy your property. Photography is key and therefore the quality of the marketing material is just as important as the content.

If the home is already furnished, we strongly recommend using a photographer who is happy to work with one of our home stylists. Together they know how to rearrange each room, bring in props (accessories) to fill in the gaps and remove personal possessions so the home buyer is not distracted, and it becomes easier to determine whether the home is suitable for them.

We recommend a smaller number of lifestyle images as ‘teasers’ to entice the buyers in and want to then look at the whole property.






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