How it all began at EHG Home

I was hugely inspired by Meridith Baer who started staging homes back in 1998 in LA. She fell in to it through selling her own home and then helped friends "decorate" their homes with her furniture and accessories whilst waiting to buy again. From that organic start, the company grew to to become a multi-million dollar nationwide business.

“If you want to sell your home fast for the highest possible price, staging is a necessity. The goal of staging is to help the buyers fall in love with a home and easily picture themselves living there, identifying with the space and form a connection with the house.” Meredith Baer

Examples of MBH staged homes (image credit Meredith Baer Home)

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I watched every episode of the TV series Staged to Perfection (HGTV) and being a property developer myself I began to stage our own properties to get them market ready. Then I turned my attention to helping other developers so I really resonated with Meredith’s story. I began sourcing more and more furniture as the jobs came in and have built up a large inventory over the years which we are constantly updating and adding too following interior trends. I was keen to bring a little more of a laid back, relaxed vibe to staging rather than the generic "show home" style.

It’s great to see that owner occupied homeowners too are beginning to see the benefits of staging or at least for now recognise the importance of presenting their homes at their very best when being listed on the market. 

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I have always loved sourcing furniture from the US, staging homes is huge across the pond! The furniture is distinctive, unique and allows for powerful style statements. The US does transitional furniture very well, a blend of traditional and contemporary which compliments our Laid back luxury, signature style at EHG Home.

Some examples of our work using pieces that we sourced in the US.

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I am also inspired by Barbara Barry who creates quietly beautiful, liveable interiors inspired by the natural world, we believe that home furnishings should evoke calm and serenity as an antidote to the chaos we live in and this is very much how we approach our staging projects.

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One of my favourite quotes by Jonathan Adler is below which I have tried to resonate with when styling. I try to punctuate with playful accessories to bring a smile to a buyers face.

“Design should be attractive and appealing but with an added je ne sais quoi that creates sizzle and something a little provocative. It’s the small bits of playful punctuation that bring a room from a yawn to a wow” - Jonathan Adler

We like to use accessories from top designers which add depth and soul to our interiors, like these bold cushions below from Jonathan Adler.

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Our favourite US supplier is Restoration Hardware, simple luxury, understated and sophisticated elegance not flashy or overbearing.

Founder Gary Friedman wants his customers…… “ to feel a sense of harmony, to walk into the space and go, ‘ah, that feels good.’” and here at EHG Home we couldn't agree more! “

Above showing a console, table lamp and dining table from Restoration Hardware used in our recent staging jobs.

Above showing a console, table lamp and dining table from Restoration Hardware used in our recent staging jobs.

Examples of RH furniture (image credit Restoration Hardware)

Examples of RH furniture (image credit Restoration Hardware)

Our favourite RH items @restoration_hardware1

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Please contact us should you be interested in placing an order through our members program, we have warehousing in the US which allows for easy US distribution to the UK and can consolidate orders with our shipments and manage logistics for you.

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We have curated the above furniture from a number of our favourite US suppliers for our 2018 staging stock all of which we have decided to make available to buy. Please contact for more information.

By Kate Haynes - Founder EHG Home Ltd


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