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An easy way to style your home with our new EHG Home styling Collection!

At EHG Home, we curate beautiful collections of products from hundreds of suppliers that we’ve been working with over the years. We know what works well and we have come to understand what is popular - not just on trend - and what people really love in their homes and what will instantly make a home look elegantly styled. 

We have recently launched our ‘bundle’ concept: curated groups of accessories and soft furnishings that you can buy as a bundle, curated by our in-house stylists to instantly revamp your space. It could be a coffee table that needs a bit of wow factor or your sofa in need of new cushions and a throw. Basically, it’s taking our successful staging formula and making it easy for you to style your home.  

Our bundles will be curated with nature in mind, focusing on incorporating a wide variety of shapes, colours, patterns and textures.

We’ve got 4 basic bundles to start with and we’re happy to create a bespoke styling pack for you too! 

Coffee table - Tray, book, bowl/vase, candles, flowers and decorative accessories

Bed - decorative cushions and throw

Sofa - cushions and throw

Shelving - sculptures, books and accessories

Your home can very quickly look as elegant as some of our projects pictured above. 

A sneaky peak...

To find out more about our styling packs and our accessory bundles, contact us at

Jack Simpson