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Do you love your home and want someone to love it just as much as you do?

At EHG Home, our basic goal as interior stylists is to assess a property and advise on how best to get it "market ready" 

Here is our latest project which needed a little love.

This flat had been on market for a while but struggled to sell as it was previously presented

Newly instructed agent, Martin Clements at Horton and Garton recommended our services to the owner and with a little EHG TLC we have transformed the space.

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Our team gave it a lick of paint with a warm grey, removed all existing furniture and the dated curtains and popped simple cupboard doors on the base shelving units. 

We also removed a few shelves from right hand side unit to balance each side and changed the ceiling light fitting.

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The fireplace does not sit central to the shelving units so we have weighed this up by positioning the sofa off centre and balancing out the armchairs so

visually it then doesn't draw your eye to it not being central.

We put a round glass dining table in the corner as the shape helps make the room feel bigger and the glass is ethereal so feels light and airy.

In the bedroom, we put a dressing table and chair with a mirror which utilises an awkward  space well. The coil table lamps are substantial without being too solid for the space.

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We stripped back the mouldy silicone around the bath and stripped back the window frame which had flaking mouldy paint.

The condition of a bathroom is so important for a buyer when viewing a property so not to be forgotten!

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Approx spend £6K spend (inc 8 weeks furniture rental) Property value £695K so effectively a 1% investment to encourage someone fall in love!





Chloe Staples