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Transitional design from the experts 

EHG Home has had a love affair with transitional style for some time. Our design senses are keenly honed for creating the perfect home with just the right amount of texture, tone and pop.

Our mission is to create staging that makes sense and suggests viable, functional and comfortable living. Not contrived, no bottles of champagne on ice.
I always ask myself when I am styling a property, would I have that in my home, in that space?
— Kate Haynes, Founder of EHG Home

You don't have to spend a lot of money on expensive designer furnishings we can work creatively with what you already own adding value through colour schemes, furniture positioning, texture and accessories. 

Why transitional style is the perfect choice for your property

There's nothing like a well-decorated property to impress guests, encourage potential buyers and make a house feel like a home. And when it comes to setting the right tone for your property, whether for home styling or home staging, one type of design stands out from all the others. If you're looking to create the perfect setting that's neutral yet inspiring, then transitional design might just be the ideal fit for you.


What is transitional design?

A combination of traditional warm tones and modern design elements, a transitional design style takes the basics of home decor and crafts them into something that feels far more liveable and coordinated. Blending the warmth and nostalgia of traditional design elements with contemporary furnishings and fittings for a balance of old and new, this design choice can provide the perfect balance between comfort and function.

Think warm-toned neutral palettes, interwoven with chocolates, espressos and a liberal amount of natural or texturised fabrics to create rooms that feel lived-in without looking overly styled, or underwhelming. If you're looking to improve the decor of your property or provide a neutral yet stylish palette to a room, styling your home in this way is sure to be a success.


Incorporating style into our staging and styling

Transitional design is all about the textures, tones and details - so with a little effort, and a bit of colour matching, transforming a property from dull to dazzling can be simple. A focus on texture and pattern accents ensures that a matching palette still has some pop, whether your choice of accessory is warm tones or cooler decor.

Consider utilising a blend of both matte and shiny finishes when it comes to surfaces, and combine this with the tactile appeal of woven fabrics such as natural fibres and rattan in your soft furnishings for the perfect layered look. The idea is to make potential buyers move themselves through your property and see how they could make it their own - touch and dimensionality are a large part of that transportation.

Contact us today to discover how we can use transitional design to turn your property from basic to beautiful to appeal to a broad range of buyers. 

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